Ticketing Terms & Conditions

By purchasing the tickets of International yog festival 2018 you accept the following terms and conditions.

International yog festival and its representative with an exception of deliberate misconduct, shall not be held liable for any loss, injury or any mishap that may occur for any reason to the guest(s) by attending International yog festival including and not limited to death, personal injury, illness, delay or cancellation of scheduled performances and loss of or damage to personal property.

Tickets can be used by individuals to enter multiple time to the venue with proper identification.

You can buy your tickets at Buy Tickets onwards 1st December 2018

Refund and transfer

Tickets are non-transferable and must be presented on demand by the respective authority.

50% refund before1st February, 25% refund 15 days prior to start of the festival.

There will be no refund processed after that under any circumstances.

Tickets are also available for sale at the festival venue, however we would recommend you to purchase them in advance to avoid any disappointments as tickets to workshops may get sold out.

The ticket holder permits the management of International yog festival 2018 to utilize the holder’s image and video in any form recorded at the venue of the festival for commercial or promotional purpose, without any consent of the individual.

The ticket holder also grants the permission to the promoter to use there Images/videos captured at the festival venue likely in promoting future events.

Those holding tickets and attending the festival gives their consent to use of their images and videos captured at the event to be used to promote, inform or use it commercially in any medium and format worldwide and indefinitely.

Rules and Regulations

Participants are required to carry tickets for entrance at International yog festival 2018 with their photo identity proof and required to present them on demand by management team anytime in the festival venue.

Children’s safety and wellbeing is concern for their respective parents and should be responsible.

The International yog festival is an alcohol free and no smoking zone. Bringing alcohol and/or smoking items are strictly prohibited.

Bringing illegal drugs to the festival venue is prohibited. Strict actions will to taken as per local law against those found in possession.

You will be searched on the entry to the festival. Items not permitted are guns, knives, fireworks, pepper spray, glass or anything that may be considered a weapon.

For professional film or sound recording, reach out to the management for permissions for any activity s such and the use of drones.

Violent and abusive behavior will not be tolerated towards staff members or any other guest on the venue. Co-operation with staff is requested.

We are not responsible for any loss, theft or damage to personal property during the festival at the venue. Please be responsible to your belongings.

Nudity in public and at the festival venue is strictly prohibited. Please respect local culture and traditions.

The line-up of the festival are subject to change, we will keep attendees updated with the same if any change happens.

We expect all the guests to enjoy themselves in the festival and keep the harmony on the festival grounds. Miscreants will be treated accordingly and may result in their expulsion from the festival grounds.

For more details you can write to us at support@internationalyogfestival.com

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