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Ramdayal Chaudhary

Yoga Teacher

This proven yoga is that Gurudev Sri Ramlal ji siyag gives strength to initiation. In this, the seeker takes Gurudev's meditation on the cycle of pilgrimage for 15 minutes, from which he has self-fulfilling actions. This yogic verb is purifying the body and mind. Through this yatra, millions of people are spending their lives and living quiet life by getting rid of incurable diseases and diseases like Cancer, AIDS, Diabetes, Alcohol, Opium etc. It is worth noting that all this change comes only from Gurudev's prayer and meditation. These yoga is always free.

MY Schedules

At Ganga Resort
Date : Tuesday, 1st of October 2019 06:00:00 AM
Event Title : Sidh Yoga & Healing automatic meditation and Q&A's session.
Event Venue : Panchakarma Hall

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