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C. M. Bhandari

Chandra Mohan Bhandari, a career diplomat and formerly Ambassador of India to Cambodia, United Arab Emirates, Poland and Lithuania, was born in a family wedded to Vedic Traditions in Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India, did his Master's in Physics from IIT, Kanpur in 1970 and joined the Indian Foregn Service in 1974. He has lived a life of Yog and Ayurved practices for the past four decades, which empowered him throughout his own career in Government and personal life as a householder (Grahasthi). He has several books to his credit, including the celebrated 3-Volume series on Yog titled 'Yog Shakti', 'Saving Angkor' on Cambodia's ancient Hindu temples (1996, now out of print) and 'A Jouney to Heaven: Kailas Mansarovar' (1998, second edition now available, coffee table).

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At Ganga Resort
Date : Friday, 4th of October 2019 06:30:00 AM
Event Title : Yogasana & Pranayam
Event Venue : Panchakarma Hall

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