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A Paragon of Purity and Virtue
A name synonymous to righteousness, Shwaasaguru Sri Vachananand Swamiji is best compared to an innocent child by many. His words are most humble and don't give away the fact that he is an enlightened master who has traveled the supreme realms. He is a symbol of love who sees everyone in the eye of humanity and kindness. He is a messenger of peace who takes earnest efforts to build a healthier, happier world.

Early Life
Shwaasaguru Sri Vachananand Swamiji was born in a small village, Tanvashi in Athani, Karnataka on 20th July 1983. He was sent to his master's ashram at the age of 8. His master taught him the different aspects of religion and philosophy. He was sent to different Vedantic masters to understand the roots of spirituality. He went to schools of different traditions, ashrams, math & monasteries where he received knowledge and practical experience on various spiritual subjects. After completing his academic studies, Sri Vachananand Swamiji traveled to the Himalayas to quench the thirst of his soul. He stayed there for several years and learned with different masters, yogis, and saints. During this period of stay, he was undergoing a spiritual transformation. He chose the path of renunciation and received initiation at the age of sixteen.

Shwaasa Guru – The Guru of Breath
Shwaasa which means breath in Sanskrit is the most important element in our lives. Shwaasaguru Sri Vachananand Swamiji says that "Life begins and ends with breath. Hence kNOw Breath; kNOw life" Sri Vachananand Swamiji believes that our breath is the element which keeps the magic of life within us alive. It is important that we understand this fact and start breathing the way we should be. In ancient times people believed that there is a limit on the number of times a person can breathe. Hence it was important to take deep and slow breaths. Shwaasaguru Sri Vachananand Swamiji is an awakened being who realized the significance and strength of breath. While meditating in the cold waters of holy river Ganga, he learned how to control his body temperature by regulating his breath. While traveling towards the highest peaks in the Himalayas he figured out how to control the heartbeat and calm it down. Today while being the founder of SHWAASA, the organization which has been the source of fresh breath and fresh life of many, Swamiji spreads the message of Yoga and along with it, the art of breathing.

A Perfect Blend of Modernity and Tradition
Shwaasaguru Sri Vachananand Swamiji is a perfect synthesis of modernity and tradition. His one side is an enlightened spiritual leader who is adept in spiritual disclosures and yogic science and the other side is a kind hearted soul who sees beauty in everything and everyone. With a permanent divine smile Swamiji says, "Forcing the tradition on modern generation and imposing modernity on the older generation isn't wise. What we need is a perfect balance between the old and the new; a perfect blend of modernity and tradition". Swamiji applies this theory in his yoga classes with utmost efficiency. Based in Bangalore, Vachananand Swamiji is a person who has perfectly integrated age old traditional forms of yoga with newer and other forms of exercise to suit the urban lot. He has come up with his own version of systematic yoga practices which will best suit people from different age groups and different walks of life. His reach is quite widespread as he has been successfully conducting Yoga camps for various sections of people. His camps focus on improving general health, lifestyle and stress management. He is a familiar face to South Indians as they start their day with Swamiji's Yoga lessons through the highly rated television channel, TV9 Kannada.
Having good command over yoga and philosophy, Swamiji always like to teach in scientific ways. Swamiji is humble, kind and serving by nature. He always follows a path of simplicity and equanimity. He has been giving lectures in different universities as a guest lecturer for yogic science & life style management. The mission of serving humanity with yoga has started with all effort and is serving the cause in a greater way.

SHWAASA is a philanthropic organization founded by Shwaasa Guru Sri Vachananand Swamiji, in memory of his guru, His Holiness Sri Marulashankara Devaru of Karnataka. It is an interconnected and vibrant holistic system spread all over the world, meeting the physical, psychological and spiritual needs of the current generation. Shwaasa is guided in its relentless pursuit, by its motto "Yoga Yukta, Roga Mukta "which calls on the society to embrace Yoga to stay healthy and disease free. Shwaasa aims to uplift various sections of the society, by the precepts of Seva (service), karuna (compassion), Prem (love), Sneha (affection) and Yoga.
Shwaasa is a complete and integrated system of Yoga with its practices and philosophy culled from the Vedic and Tantric traditions. It provides a system that restores order to our lives through Yoga, creating harmony so that imbalances in the form of disease and neurosis drop away. The mind regains its peace, the emotions begin to harmonize and the body recovers its vital capacity, so that the individual can face life and its distractions with a greater sense of inner serenity and balance. The SHWAASA system is a complete science of harmonious living, suitable for everyone, regardless of age, gender, nationality, religion, mental condition or level of fitness. It is a holistic system which addresses all aspects of human life in the spheres of physical health, mental well-being, emotional behaviour and work environment.

Innovative and specialized Yoga Camps Conducted by SHWAASA
  • Corporate Yoga
  • Yoga for MLA'S
  • Yoga for Cardiologists
  • Yoga Training for Advocates and Judges
  • Yoga Training for Film stars
  • Yoga Training for Media Persons
  • Yoga Training for Children and Youth across India and Abroad
  • Yoga Training for HIV+ Children (Joint venture withSamvedana institute)
  • Yoga Education for Prisoners (Bijapur Central Jail)
  • Yoga Education for Police Personnel with in Bengaluru City limits
  • Yoga Awareness campaign across India
  • National Integration Yoga Training at Temples, Mosques and Churches
  • Free Yoga Science Camps (State, National and International)
  • Yoga for Women (Across Karnataka and other States)
  • Lifestyle Training for NRIs, foreigners and citizens of India

Other Activities
  • 'Yogaayoga' Programme aired on TV9 Kannada News Channel
  • Yoga Programmes on 'Sri Sankara' TV Channel
  • Yoga Coach for CCL's Karnataka Bulldozers Team
  • Columns and Articles Published in Viiayavani,Kannada Prabha and Bodhivriksha" Supplementary of Vijaya Karnataka Newspaper
  • Written Columns for 'Yuva Karnataka' (Monthly magazine run by State Government's Youth and Sports Department)

YOGA RATNA AWARD – The Oscars of Yoga
The heritage of Yoga is rich with various yoga schools, yoga styles and great yoga masters. The treasure of yoga is still accessible to us, only because of the relentless efforts of such great teachers and schools of Yoga. Many of their names and efforts were left unnoticed or unrecognized. Their contributions to the world were forgotten. In this connection SHWAASA came up with the idea of the Yoga Ratna awards, in tribute to the great Yoga masters who set ablaze our yogic horizons.
The Yoga Ratna award is a group of honorary awards given annually by the SHWAASA organization to recognize excellence in Yoga.This includes the Yoga Ratna award given for excellence in Yoga and Yoga Sammana given for contributions in the field of Yoga. It is probably the greatest honour given in the field of yoga worldwide. Yoga Ratna Award is conducted every year as a part of the International Yoga Day which is celebrated on the 21stof June. The award ceremony is conducted in Bengaluru, on the night previous to the Yoga Day, i.e. on 20th of June. The various category winners are awarded a Yoga Ratna Statuette of a yogi in garudasana pose and various other prizes.

Yoga Ratna Award has been celebrated ever since the UN declared 21st June as the International Yoga Day. So far many revered yoga teachers and spiritual leaders have received the award for their efforts and contribution in the field of Yoga.
With no other prominent awards or recognition in this field, theoga Ratna Awards stands out as the greatest honorary award in Yoga. The winners are selected by a panel of efficient judges which includes renowned spiritual leaders and Yogaacharyas. The event has already gained international recognition and much appreciation with its nature and focus. The award is yet another earnest effort from Shwaasa's end to glorify the tradition of Yoga.

1) International Day of Yoga, 2015: Shri Vachanananda Swami's 'Shwaasa', a centre to spread the art of Yoga in association with the Government of Karnataka', had organised the first International Day of Yoga in Bengaluru. Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, who also follows the path of yoga, was one of the chief guests of the programme along with several delegates, ministers and business magnates. Karnataka born Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty, a promoter and practitioner of Yoga was the special guest at the event. People got to witness the actress, Swamiji & dignitaries perform various aasanas on the dais which made national and international headlines.

2) Yoga Ratna Awards: Shwaasa Guru has been a strong promoter & supporter of those who dedicate their life to serve the society. Shri Vachananada Swamiji has felicitated and honoured several samaritans with across the country. The Shwaasa Organisation has also felicitated the honourable former Prime Minister of India, H.D. Devegowda with 'Yoga Ratna Award' for being an active yoga practitioner.

3) Clean India Campaign: In order to encourage people to keep their premises clean, Shwaasa Guru Sri Vachananand Swamiji, founder of 'Shwaasa', designed a campaign supporting the cause of the 'Clean India' project initiated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. A follower of the PM, Shwaasa Guru voluntarily participates in such drives on numerous occasions and has been encouraging the people to do so. Recently, he organised a clean drive awareness programme in Huballi, to promote Clean India campaign.

4) Go Green- Plant a Tree Initiative: Go Green- Plant a Tree campaign was yet another initiative by Shwasa Guru to increase green cover in the country. He has been actively planting saplings in different parts of the State. He has also encouraged the people on plenty of occasions to plant saplings. While at any gathering, Shwasa Guru, always promotes and advises the audience to increase the green cover in their vicinity.

5) Dalit Paadapooja :- Apart from being a 'Green Warrior', Shwaasa Guru also dedicates his time to serving the people. Among his several initiatives, he strongly promotes the concept of 'equality' in the society. In order to ward off the differences between different castes, Shwaasa Guru performes'pada pooja' of Dalit families in Davanagere and other parts of Karnataka. This 'equality' drive by Shwaasa Guru has been termed as 'commendable' in the society. He is also striving to bridge the gap between castes/religions to to uplift the backward and downtrodden communities. His programmes have been prominently highlighted by National Media as well.

6) Yoga for Prisoners: According to studies conducted across the globe, losing temperament and anger are the reasons for almost all kinds of crime in the World. In order to bring happiness in the lives of those who indulged in anti-social activities, Shwaasa Guru Sri Vachananand Swamiji had organised several yoga camps at the Central Prison at Parappana Agrahara in Bengaluru, and performed Yoga with the prisoners in of Karnataka.

7) Yoga For Students: Shwaasa Guru also encourages children to proactice Yoga as it improves their body flexibility and helps them concentraate better. He recently organised a yoga camp for students, which was inaugurated by The Honourable Governor of Karnataka, Vajubhai Wala.
8) Shwasa Guru has conducted over 100 mega camps across Karnataka as well overseas. He also participated in Kannada Koota on many occasions in USA which was organised by 'AKKA.' His recent programmes at Bali in Indonesia

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