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Mr. Sanjeev Mehta

Meditation Specialist

Sanjeev Mehta is an Internationally known instructor in Sacred Circles, Tantra and Kundalini yogic meditation, Reiki, Ayureveda treatments. Lecturing and therapeutic workshops across the Continents and India. He bridges the Eastern and Western practices with a wicked sense of humor.

He grew up in a Cultural background in the Ancient Holy town, Haridwar, situated on the Bank of River Ganga, in the foothills of the Himalayas, surrounded by the forest. Educated in a British Boarding style school in Shimla. From a young age, he had ecstatic experiences with the Spirit that made him go on a search for personal truth with Energy. This search led him to study and share his teachings that he received from the various Saints & Gurus. As his thirst for knowledge grew, he traveled into the High Himalayas (Land of Lord Shiva) to be with Saints living in caves or deep in the jungles. Where the Gurus still practiced the Ancients knowledge & lifestyle to study the different forms of meditations, Reiki, Aureveda & other Spiritual Practices. Where he experienced the balance of the Masculine divine energy, that he found missing in his modern upbringing. He has since continued to travel in search of Guru's (Saints) practicing in traditional ways of mystical practices. The further he traveled, the more he realized that he needed to go more deeper into Ancient Spiritual Practices.

He was initiated and asked to teach Sacred Circles & Aurevedic Practices by his Guru. His talks blend Yogic philosophy, Tantra Goddess Shakti worship, Kundalini mysticism, Reiki energy & Ayurevedic therapy. Through his own path of Healing, he seeks to share with others by generating Compassion, Empowerment and Acceptance of this Life as Liberation. As, most of the Saints he met asked him to share their teachings......As, they said, "The more you Share the more you Rise".

Sanjeev continues to learn & share his knowledge by traveling and leading groups on pilgrimages to Sacred sites and communities around the World. Committed to service as a path to Spiritual awakening, Courage to Rise, that focuses on different forms of Meditation for Women's Empowerment, feelings & relationships.

He will be sharing the hidden teachings of his Guru that incorporate Tantric practices of balancing the Yin & Yang to achieve angelic reunion. It is a rare opportunity to have the ancient scriptures be broken down for Tantric practices that can be applied immediately.

"I confess that there is nothing to teach: no religion, no science, no body of information which will lead your mind back to the Tao. One day I will speak in one fashion, next day in another, but always the Integral Way is beyond words and beyond Mind, Body and Soul. Simply be aware of the Oneness of things."

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At Ganga Resort
Date : Thursday, 3rd of October 2019 03:15:00 PM
Event Title : Being with yourself Meditation
Event Venue : Receiption Back Hall

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