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Swami Shankaratilaka

Monk Teacher

The very Venerable Swami Shankaratilaka Saraswati, is a monk teacher of masters, with a long experience in the life of the Dharma as well as in the teaching of it.

His sincere dedication has led him to be more than 30 years completely dedicated to the service of his main teacher, the very Venerable Swami Tilak Paramahamsa, while he was alive, as well as to the institution that was founded in his name in 1979 and which has led since then.

The very Venerable is in a very special phase of his life in Sadhana (spiritual path), known as "the embrace of the tree" or "immersion in the forest". Which means that he is removed from most public activities, initiations and other responsibilities in which he has invested most of his life. He is dedicated to create teaching´s manuals, to the translation of the classical texts of Vedic tradition written in Sanskrit and to occasionally participate in few very selected programs. Those in which we have the fortune to enjoy and share his great experience and knowing in all the sciences that the Vedic Dharma can offer.

It is considered by other great masters within the Vedic community, as well as by students and disciples, as a clear speaker and a magnificent speaker, versed in the most complex Vedic scriptures. At the same time, a close teacher who thanks to his excellent capacity for pragmatism teaches in a simple way and with good humor, making this knowledge accessible and comprehensible to everyone.

We could not mention exactly in which fields he shows greater mastery than in others from the different sciences collected in the Vedas. But we surely affirm his deep knowledge in the science of Yoga, from the therapeutic perspective, the psychological perspective, the illuminative one or his knowledge about the non-dualistic Vedanta philosophy, on which he throws light in an unparalleled way over the most difficult passages to understand in the Upanishads when dealing with Brahman, Being and non-Being.

His boundless energy and his brilliant theoretical and practical knowledge of the Tantra Vidya, according to Abhinavagupta tradition, invite you to approach with enthusiasm to learn the cultivation of the Shakti, the primal power, and the awakening of the Kundalini Shakti, the expansion of the nucleus of the internal nature.

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At Ganga Resort
Date : Thursday, 3rd of October 2019 10:00:00 AM
Event Title : Understaning True meaning of Tantra
Event Venue : Sabarmati Hall

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