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Isabelle Demoliere

Yoga Teacher

Isabelle is practising yoga since 1989. After long time self practice of yoga she decided to become a yoga teacher and then took 4 years training In 2007.She started giving her classes with her self founded Association “Yoga et Harmonie”. It increased her seeking to learn more of yoga, Indian philosophy and various spiritual disciplines. Then her quest for learning more of yoga from its source she started her regular trips to Mother India from 2010. She is bringing many more seekers of Yoga and Ayurveda to North and South India regularly from last few years. She is a regular visitor to Many Indian spiritual places, cities, ashrams.
Around her home town in Lyon, She takes various types of classes such as pre natal/ post natal, Yoga for beginners, Individual classes, Yoga for Football players in Europe’s Best Football academy, Yoga for Elderly people. She has vast experience of teaching yoga from many years now and keep learning more as she is a seeker for knowledge. She have also organized
“International Yoga day” in France for general public every year.She organises various retreats of yoga, ayurveda, communication, spiritual discourses of many spiritual/religious masters in France. Her good command over French and English enable her to work as Interpreter for many English speaking Masters when they visit France. In order to interpret many masters she learns more and more of aspects of Indian and other disciplines of spirituality.
She is a world traveller and visited many countries with her loving family. She is a caring yoga teacher as she is a loving mother and treat all her students and associates with love.

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At Ganga Resort
Date : Wednesday, 2nd of October 2019 04:15:00 PM
Event Title : Joint movement exercises
Event Venue : Receiption Back Hall

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