Indian Kitchen

Indian Kitchen

India is a vast country with different type of people and their religion. This vastness also brings differences in the food that we eat and hence the kitchen where it is cooked.
Indian kitchens are flooded with spices with option to prepare different kind of food. At International yog festival we have ensured that guests can have the experience of Indian kitchen. Guest are welcome to learn the popular recipes under the guidance of experts in the Indian cuisine.

Indian Cuisine

Indian kitchen has an extensive variety of food available which can be prepared with little effort and understanding. Till date in temples, Lord Krishna is offered 56 different varieties of food at once. That is the beauty of Indian Kitchen. Due to the presence of different culture around the country and availability of wide range of raw materials, people have experimented with the food they eat. You have an opportunity to understand and learn many of them. Get, set and ready to cook.

Ayurvedic Cooking

We consume food to give us virility and to give us long life and youthfulness. When we eat food that are Satvic in nature and in adequate amount the effects are likely to be positive. At International yog festival we have introduced Ayurvedic cooking for healing, prevention of disease and health care. Participate to learn the rational way of cooking which provides positivity to your mind body and soul.

Spice Market

In the Indian style of cooking, spices are of utmost use and plays the most important role. Considering the increasing number of enthusiasts from countries around the world, we have introduced a marketplace specifically for Indian spices. You can understand about the spices and buy them to furthers use it in your cooking.

Food Festival

We as human being love food and look for different cuisines to try. At International yog festival we have organised the food festival considering the number of enthusiasts from around the world. The Food festival offers a wide range of special events with main focus on Vedic foods apart from tweaked modern cuisines.
The food festival is driven by passion for Vedic food and we seek to promote the benefits of Satvic food nationally as well as internationally. Our guest will experience wide range of different food items on the festival site.

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