Indian Haat

Indian Haat

Art Exhibition

The art exhibition at International yog festival will be conducted by our partner India Art Festival. India Art Festival, a contemporary art fair founded in 2011 by Mr. Rajendra is a new model for dialogue and collaborations between art galleries, art dealers, art buyers, artists, interior designer, architects and art connoisseurs who come together every year under roof.
India Art Festival (IAF) along with mid-level and major art galleries also provides the opportunity to emerging, independent artists to get discovered and enjoy the attention along with the established artists.
Art exhibition is a continual relationship between the artist, art object and public. We at International yog festival have integrated the discreet values of culture and tradition through the art forms presented at the festival. The art objects for exhibition are cherry-picked which can exponentially increase the mental health of the audience. The changing aesthetic traditions demand audience’s active participation instead of passive appreciation. To serve the purpose we have accumulated the platform for visitors to visualise and create anything of their choice using Canvas, sheets and colors provided by the festival authority within the exhibition premises.
We also provide our guests a chance to get the purchase the Art of there choice at the venue as well as online after the festival is concluded.


Handcrafts are the final products of any handmade work, done by an individual with all the creativity which can be implied by them using simple tools to restricting all the work by hand to create a useful decorative object. It can vary from work on cloth i.e. textile, malleable materials such as metal with relative low melting point, paper, plant fibres etc. India has a history of handcrafts which dates back 4000 years ago. These were initiated as a practice to kill time, as the time passed by the handcrafted work began to see the market where people started buying it for decoration. Skills then passed by people from the small scale tribes or the state to their next generation.
We have gathered several handcrafted products famous from different era for our guest at the international yog festival. Grab the opportunity to learn more about them and purchase if you like the object presented.


An Artisan is a skilled craft worker who works mostly with his hands to produce a useful object decorative in nature. The final product may vary from decorative arts, furniture (small or large), sculptures, clothing, jewellery and much more.
At international yog festival we have training session with artisans where in you can learn set of useful skills to create handcrafts. There are a variety of creative work you may choose from. Guidance will also be provided on the skills best for you depending upon your interest and inclination in life.

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