Yoga is a blessing to all human beings. Getting involved in any physical activity is beneficial and is acknowledged by human beings of all faiths. At the International yog festival we have included variety of activities which will boost your mental and physical state directly or indirectly. Keeping the prospect of everyone’s need we have categorized the activities according to the participant’s age and health conditions. Experienced yoga teachers from all across the world with various ethnicities are called upon in the festival to help you understand and attain your goals. At the end of every session you will feel rejuvenated and blessed by elixir of life in the purest form.

Culture represents the society we live in, our belief system, and the core values that we follow in our lives. Every culture is touched by music in one form or another. At the International yog festival we have brought the vast Indian culture under one roof. Music is one of the most influential part of culture and hence we have several performances by renowned artists at the festival venue. We have also touched other parts of our culture that defines us named as food, art, language, spirituality and much more. The vastness of our culture gives us the opportunity to help the world understand the power of unity in diversity.
India has always been a rich country in Arts and hvandicrafts. We have major Art-forms evolved in almost every part of country whether small or large and being acknowledged by whole world. For instance “Mithila paintings”, they are the art form from a native place in Bihar however represents the whole culture and history of certain place in time.
At International festival we have brought together the major art forms and handicrafts which are popular in the country and gaining popularity in the world gradually. You can understand the art and handicraft and have the opportunity to buy them as well.


The 7-days festival offers wide range of events to choose from, which is to be held between 6 A.M.-10 P.M.
Conducted in the foothill of Himalayas, we offer interactive workshops & seminars, a lively community pavilion & healing center, a children’s activity zone, yoga classes and vibrant night time programs of live devotional music concerts, ecstatic dance and DJ's etc are the highlights of the IYF-2019.
Click on the mentioned categories below to explore our 2019 line-up - please note that everything is subject to change and we are still adding more presenters so check back regularly for updates.
Experience one of the world's most inspiring yoga festivals, celebrating global community, world music and well-being, taking place on The World's Yoga Capital, Rishikesh.

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